Former NHLer Sean Avery goes off, threatens teenagers in leaked video

Avery has finally gone off the deep end.


Sean Avery... you either love him, or you hate him. Wait... my bad... does anyone actually love Sean Avery?

The former NHL pest has made a bit of a name for himself since retiring, much in the same way he did during his playing days: by running his mouth. Yesterday tabloid TMZ published a story on Avery that shows him getting into an argument with a group of teenagers in Hollywood, California when he sees how the kids parked their cars. Avery absolutely goes off on the kids, threatens to snap their windshield wipers off and then challenges the shortest individual there (right in line with his NHL career.)

Check it out:

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More from TMZ:

Eventually the scene ended without incident and without police involvement. This is, of course, not the first time Avery has found himself in the middle of a vehicle related incident. He is notorious for calling out bad parkers in his hometown of New York.