Former NHLer shouts out 'caveman' Alex Ovechkin.
Scott Taetsch/Getty Images  

Former NHLer shouts out 'caveman' Alex Ovechkin.

Former National Hockey League defenseman Ryan Whitney was very amused at Ovechkin's behavior on Sunday night.

Jonathan Larivee

I'm sharing this one with you guys because it gave me a good chuckle.

You see a ton of highlights in the sport of hockey but none are quite like the one that was captured by former National Hockey League defenseman Ryan Whitney on Sunday night when he was apparently keeping a very close eye on Washington Capitals star forward and captain Alex Ovechkin.

Whitney quickly took to social media to share what he had found with everyone, expressing his delight at what he described as primitive behavior from Ovechkin. Whitney pointed out the fact that Ovechkin had just been spotted scratching his own back using his hockey stick, only to then clear his nostrils of any possible debris in 'aggressive' fashion.

From Whitney:

Ovie was just scratching his back under his shoulder pads with the blade of his stick and then ripped an aggressive snot rocket. What a caveman legend

Whitney was not merely satisfied with announcing his big find to the world however, he would actually rewind the tape and film the moment he was so gleeful about from his television set to share it with his followers on social media.

Whitney is obviously a huge fan of Ovechkin and I can only hope that you get as much enjoyment out of his little highlight as he did.