Former NHLer William Tibbets pleads guilty to “handful of charges” after 2 months in jail.

Troubled former NHLer in trouble again.

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A former player in the National Hockey League is making headlines this week, but for all the wrong reasons. 

According to a report from ABC's WCBV5 News, former NHL forward William "Billy" Tibbetts pled guilty to a handful of charges after spending the last 2 months in jail. The trouble for Tibbetts appears to stem from a long-standing problem with the Scituate police chief and his family, not exactly the person you want to be starting trouble with when you already have a history of legal troubles. According to the report Tibbetts' claims that he has been harassed by the police chief dating all the way back to a statutory rape charge that Tibbets was convicted of back in 1992. 

However it appears as though the courts disagreed as it was Tibbets who was jailed for harassing Police Chief Michael Stewart, his sister, Kathleen McCarthy and their respective families, although the report does not go into detail regarding how their families may have been targeted by Tibbets. Tibbets published negative videos about the chief on Facebook, which in and of itself seems to be well within his rights, but things escalated when he began to accuse the chief of breaking into his home and using illegal drugs. Even then you might be willing to look past Tibbets transgressions, however the former NHL player is also accused of approaching Stewart's children and informing them that their father is going to kill themselves, certainly a heinous act by anyone's standards. 

As for  McCarthy, Stewart's sister, Tibbets is accused of having multiple interactions with the women in which he stared at her and made comments about her body. The report did not detail the type of comments made towards McCarthy, but if they resulted in criminal charges being pressed I can't imagine they were very friendly in their nature. 

Tibbets was released from jail following his guilty plea, with the judge sentencing him to both probation and time served, however should he violate his probation by approaching either Stewart or McCarthy he is facing 1 year in jail. Tibbets had previously violated a probation order that forbid him from posting videos about Stewart online, so it remains to be seen if the trouble former player can follow directions this time around. 

It seems fair to suggest that Tibbets seems like a troubled man in his later years, and hopefully this embarrassing incident leads him to get the help he needs.