Former Oiler criticizes the decision to make McDavid captain.

Wow! Former Oiler puts the team on blast for having a young captain.

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When the Edmonton Oilers announced Connor McDavid as their new captain this season, absolutely no one was surprised, and most if not all appeared to approve of the decision. After all McDavid is a former first overall pick, and is inarguably the best pure talent on the Oilers roster, making the decision a seemingly natural fit.

We now know however that not everyone has approved of the decision, and in fact one former member of the Edmonton Oilers, Patrick O'Sullivan was highly critical of the decision to make a 19 year old captain but only voiced that opinion when it was revealed that the Oilers would practice on their mandatory day off this past Monday.

"Oilers players cancel CBA mandated day off tomorrow to practice because their coach is upset," began Sullivan before adding, "not surprising when your captain is 19 years old"

O'Sullivan has seemingly had some resentment in his heart when it comes to the Oilers for some time now, and has clashed with the fan base in Edmonton several times as a result, we don't expect this time will be any different.