Former Penguin Adam Johnson dies in tragic hockey accident.
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Former Penguin Adam Johnson dies in tragic hockey accident.

A devastating day for the Johnson family, the hockey community, and the city of Hibbing, Minnesota.

Jonathan Larivee

On Saturday, former Pittsburgh Penguins forward Adam Johnson was seriously injured when he was struck in the neck by the skate blade of an opponent in a freak accident. The incident occurred roughly midway through the game when Sheffield Steelers defenseman Matt Petgrave collided with one of Johnson's teammates, a collision that knocked him off balance and caused his leg to kick up into the air. Petgrave's skate would impact Johnson's neck, causing him to bleed profusely onto the ice and onto his jersey almost instantly.

The Nottingham Panthers of the Elite Ice Hockey League quickly announced that there had been a "major medical emergency" and the over 8,000 fans in attendance at the Sheffield Arena were asked to leave the building. The game was also immediately suspended in response to the terrifying incident.

Unfortunately I am now learning that this incident has cost Johnson his life, with the young man taken far too young at the age of just 29 years old. Several members of Johnson's family as well as members of his hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota have begun to make public posts on social media mourning the young man's passing.

The city's mayor, Pete Hyduke was among the first to share the news.

A heartbreaking post from family member Kari Johnson, pictured alongside Adam Johnson, also confirmed his passing.

The team has officially confirmed Adam's passing.

Pittsburgh Penguins reporter Rob Rossi also appeared to confirm the news with a black and white photo of Adam Johnson published with no message.

I'm sorry to have to report such horrible to news to those of you who, like me, were hoping and praying for a positive outcome to this story.