Former player absolutely destroys Mike Babcock on All-Star weekend.

Some incredibly harsh words for Babcock.

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On a week-end where the NHL is supposed to be all about fun and games, albeit primarily for their younger audience, Mike Babcock has just been slammed by a former player.

None other than Mike Commodore has come out and attacked Babcock for sending a message of support to NHL All-Star John Scott after his difficult time in recent weeks. Commodore has stated flatly that he doesn't believe for one second that Babcock actually cares about Scott and was doing it instead to draw attention to himself. Commodore in fact stated he would bet his house on three things in life:

#1 The Sky is Blue

#2 Bears do s*** in the woods

#3 Mike Babcock doesn't give a s*** about John Scott.

Some extremely hars comments from Commodore who doesn't sound like he's enjoying the All-Star festivities one bit.