Former player implies racism in the Habs organization was the motivator for Subban trade.

Strong accusations from a former NHLer.

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A former National Hockey League player has leveled some serious accusations against the Montreal Canadiens.

Anthony Stewart, a former Florida Panthers first round pick in 2003 who played just over 250 games in the NHL, and himself a person of color, went on a rant on social media following the P.K. Subban trade, and while he didn't come right out and accuse the Canadiens of racism, he certainly appeared to imply it.

"Haven't seen the level of insolence the Habs have treated P.K. Subban in my time in the game. The pundits will debate until they're blue in the face and come up with the most irrelevant reasons not to like him. He can flat out play. "

Stewart would go on to conclude with a plea to others to speak up against what he believes in the real problem here.

"I urge those than have come before me and address the real elephant in the room and stand up or its going to continue."

It's worth noting that the Canadiens drafted Subban, and furthermore made him the face of their organization for several years while investing big time money in him.