Former player on current coach: 'The biggest piece of s*** on earth...'

Former player has some harsh words for current NHL coach.

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Things don't always end well when it comes to players, coaches and even organizations, and these recent comments from a former National Hockey League player are proof of that fact.

Former defenseman Mike Commodore went off on social media last night and had some extremely unkind words for one of his former head coaches, current Maple Leafs bench boss Mike Babcock. Not only did Commodore call out Babcock ,but he seemed to be throwing Leaf fans under the bus in the process, seemingly mocking them for having Babcock as a coach.

"Leafs fans...just know that THE biggest piece of s*** on earth is the face of your franchise."

Commodore also stated that the two things you could count on was the fact that the Leafs would win the game, and that Mike Babcock was a, well you get the message by now. Unfortunately Commodore's credibility took a hit when the Leafs won the game, and he has since deleted the tweets.

Thankfully there's no such thing as a delete button on the internet.