Former President and CEO of NHL team connected to Seattle arena announcement tomorrow.

Big announcement coming tomorrow.

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Earlier today we reported on the rumors surrounding the big announcement coming from the Mayor of Seattle, and now we have some additional details.

While we still won't know the full scope of what is coming likely until after Wednesday's announcement from Mayor Ed Murray, Sportsnet insider John Shannon has reported some of the names connected to the announcement.

According to Shannon, the Oak View Group is connected to the announcement, a group that includes Irving AzoffJames Dolan and perhaps most importantly Tim Leiweke.

While Tim Leiweke may not be a household name in the National Hockey League, fans in Toronto will certainly recognize the name as he is the former President and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

This again is not confirmation that an NHL team is on the verge of announcing a potential relocation, but it certainly adds another very curious detail to the rumors we reported earlier today.