Former Sens CEO clarifies why he was fired; his statement is already being disputed

Don't get upset with Melnyk!

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Former Ottawa Senators CEO Jim Little, who has been fired after less than two months on the job, is attempting to clarify why he was let go. A statement released earlier today by the team left out a lot of information, making it sound like something potentially terrible had taken place. The statement read Little had been let go for "conduct inconsistent with the core values of the Ottawa Senators and the National Hockey League." Outside of that, the Senators were stating tight-lipped. 

According to Little, he got into a verbal disagreement with owner Eugene Melnyk over the phone on Valentine's Day. 

"I am a strong-willed person, and the disagreement included me using some very strong language with him over the phone, including swearing, which he did not appreciate and for which I later apologized" explained Little. "It was these events, to my knowledge, which led to my dismissal. Any other inference from the statement is wrong." 

Little went on to say that he was looking forward to helping the team and the City of Ottawa. He says he wishes the players and coaches well, adding they deserve the city's support. 

However, according to CBC Ottawa reporter Jamie Long, Little's statement is already getting countered. Long quote a source as saying "there was a "pattern of behaviour" that led to today's decision. Not based off one incident." He adds "that behaviour, the source alleges, included the mistreatment of Senators employees at multiple levels." 

One thing is for certain, it seems the Senators can't go long without some sort of drama in the team's front office.