Former teammate Jason Arnott absolutely throws Ryan Suter under the bus

“All he did was complain... he was a huge distraction.”


Former NHLer Jason Arnott created a bit of a controversy on social media today after making some pretty pointed comments toward Dallas Stars defenseman Ryan Suter on the Cam and Stick Podcast.

Arnott and Suter were of course teammates with the Nashville Predators toward the end of Arnott's career and... well... just listen to what Arnott had to say about Suter:

A few choice cuts:

"All he would do is complain about how come he's not on the powerplay, how come he doesn't play enough..."

"I heard he was a huge distraction in that dressing room (Minnesota Wild)"

Jason Arnott

Honestly, this isn't the first time that people have said similar things about Suter. There's obviously some bad blood in Nashville given the way that he left that organization and I wouldn't be surprised if Arnott is still letting that color his opinion of Suter.