Former teammate of both Subban and Weber believes Montreal won the trade.

Former teammate of both players believes the Habs won the deal.

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While as a national headline the story surrounding the trade that saw superstar defensemen  P.K. Subban and Shea Weber swapped has started to die down a little, that's not at all the case in the city of Montreal itself.

As many fans continue to ask why such a talented and beloved player was traded in his prime, more and more players are starting to speak up, including a man who has experience playing with both Weber and Subban.

In a recent French language interview with the Journal De Montreal, former National Hockey League defenseman Francis Bouillon, who played both in Nashville with Weber and in Montreal with Subban stated that he believes the Canadiens won this trade, and once again Subban's personality seems to be the catalyst for this statement.

While Bouillon heaped praise on Weber, his comments about Subban were a little more mixed, and while his comments are particularly harsh, if he believes Subban's attitude was enough to make the Habs a winner in this deal, there's more than what he's revealing here. While stating he was a good teammate he did add that Subban was like that annoying hyperactive little brother.

"I played with him for two years," said Bouillon as per Habs insider Marco Normandin. "There are days where he makes you laugh but others when he gets on your last nerve. But in general you are happy to have him on your team."

Again these are not the most critical comments ever, but Bouillon clearly stated he felt the Habs won the trade, and indicated Subban's character was the issue, so there may very well be a lot more that he tactfully chose not to say.