Four teams emerge as the front-runners to acquire Evander Kane.

Trade discussions are heating up around Kane.

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The Buffalo Sabres have made it clear that they are open for business and their most valuable asset, star forward Evander Kane, has been drawing a ton of interest from around the league.

TSN insider Bob McKenzie joined the Insider Trading crew from St. Catharines Ontario on Tuesday night and revealed that the trade talk around Kane had picked up considerably in recent days. 

While McKenzie wasn't prepared to say that Kane would be traded before the holiday freeze, he did state clearly that there are four National Hockey League organizations with the most interest at this time. They are the San Jose sharks, Anaheim Ducks, St. Louis Blues and the Calgary Flames.

The price will be steep however, McKenzie adds that the Sabres are looking for a 1st round pick, a prospect and a conditional pick and that they have been working to driver the price even higher as teams compete to get the high-powered goal scorer.

Which team do you think will get him? Which one would be the best fit?