Four teams in the mix for Brassard!

Could he make a return to a former club?

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Alright, I will put it out there to start off with: Derick Brassard isn’t the player he once was… He put up a career-best 60 points with the New York Rangers back in 2014-15. The following season, he rang up 27 goals.

It’s kind of downhill from there… 

He has played for four different teams in the past two seasons and is now an unrestricted free agent looking for a good fit. 

According to the hockey blog Dans Les Coulisses in Montreal, Brassard has got four Eastern Conferences teams interested in  getting his services. The four teams are reportedly in the United States and two of them are former clubs for which he played in the past. 

That would include the Rangers, Columbus Blue Jackets, Pittsburgh Penguins and Florida Panthers. 

Brassard is a centre who has shown in the past he can both check and score, but has become more of a third-line centre. He remains a good option for that role on the league’s scarce market. 

Some folks believe he could be a good match for the Edmonton Oilers, who might be added to the four teams interested in Brassard.The Montreal Canadiens might take a look at the forward as well. 

It remains to be seen where he will choose to sign, however one thing is certain, it won’t be for his previous $5-million price tag!