Frank J. Selke has the most embarrassing abbreviation on the Stanley Cup...

Yeah, he probably was not proud of it…

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It it the Hall of Fame weekend in the National Hockey League and it seemed just appropriate to focus on great players and inductees. 

Just like the great Frank J. Selke, who was a nine-time Stanley Cup champion with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens and a Hockey Hall of Fame inductee. 

The Stanley Cup remains for many the hardest trophy in sports , and to this day, it is still also the only trophy to have all the names of the champions engraved on it. 

Over the years, though, multiple spelling mistakes on the Stanley Cup have been pointed out and the champions have heard a lot about it. However, with Frank J. Selke, it isn’t about a misspelling or a mistake in his name. 

It is worse… 

Gord Miller of TSN pointed out the most embarrassing and unfortunate abbreviate on the Cup to the hockey world on Friday. 

“Outside their dressing room, the Toronto Maple Leafs have a full scale replica of the engravings of their Stanley Cup teams, including the unfortunate abbreviation for assistant general manager Frank Selke in 1945.”

The Edmonton Journal revealed this information about Selke and his assistant abbreviation title. This is provided by The Ringer: 

“My dad was a very religious man,” Frank Selke Jr. told the Edmonton Journal in 2009, “and that kind of statement would have bothered him.” (Junior said his dad never brought it up, either because he didn’t know about it or didn’t like it.) Selke’s dad, Frank Sr., was an assistant general manager with the 1945 champion Toronto Maple Leafs — a title that the Stanley Cup engraver interpreted on the Stanley Cup as “ASS MAN.” Selke’s son was sure that his dad wouldn’t be happy about it, but I think maybe he was just jealous: According to the Journal, an assistant trainer on that same 1945 team was forever remembered as “ASS TRAIN.”

Yeah. Just use Assistant GM.