Free agent Cam Atkinson signs with a new team
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Free agent Cam Atkinson signs with a new team

Get this man a Stanley Cup already!

Trevor Connors

This just in, the Tampa Bay Lightning have signed free agent forward Cam Atkinson to a one year contract worth $900,000.

Check it out:

The veteran Atkinson had been bought out of his contract with the Philadelphia Flyers this past weekend. The 35 year old forward put up 13 goals and 28 points in 70 games for the Flyers last season, but managed an impressive 23 goals and 50 points the season prior.

The undersized winger has suffered through neck and back injuries the past few seasons, but was a 40+ goal scorer in the NHL just five seasons ago. If the Lightning can get his health on track and put him with the right linemates, he could be a sneaky, under the radar, acquisition for this team.

Source: Tampa Bay Lightning