Fresh details on where Cammalleri will fit in L.A.'s roster.

He could get the best setup he could dream of.

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A lot of things have been going on in the NHL today and it got pretty crazy at times. Some huge moves were made and the Kings took part in the frenzy by signing Mike Cammalleri to a one year contract. The pure sniper will get a chance to start afresh with his former team by which he was drafted years ago and where he's played almost 5 seasons in total. 

The 35 years old joins an already competitive lineup and the obvious question is ''where will he fit?''. GM Rob Blake answered the question today, at least partly. 

Playing with Kopitar makers a lot of sense for Cammalleri. The ultimate sniper who has the knee-to-the-ice trademarked move could very well blooms again with the smart and omniscient Kopitar alongside him. It will all be decided during the camp, but it's safe to say he wasn't signed without a plan today.