NHL News : Fresh news about Borowiecki's expected return!
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Fresh news about Borowiecki's expected return!

A lot of things weren't said until now.

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Mark Borowiecki has been out since game 2 against the Bruins and his absence is felt every game the team plays. The big and physical defenseman hurt his leg in a freak sequence back in round 1 and has been recovering since. According to a report by Ottawa Citizen, his recovery is doing pretty fine. 

“It seems to have turned the corner the last little bit. There’s still a little bit to go here but I’m pretty happy. It’s been a long layoff but the past few days it’s really calmed down and I’m feeling good.''

However, the toughest part of his recovery was apparently not the pain or the injury itself, but Tanner Glass running over his teammate while he was sidelined. Following the Glass-Turris incident, Borowiecki pushed himself hard in the recovery process, maybe a bit too hard even. 

“It didn’t feel good when it happened. When we figured out what was going on I knew it was going to be a little bit longer. I don’t think I did myself any favours towards the end of the Boston series and the start of the New York series, I was getting a little antsy and I pushed, pushed, pushed.''

That's a real teammate there! He might rejoin the lineup in this series depending on how long it will last. He skated this morning in full uniform and apparently felt just fine. No one is more eager to get back on the ice and fight the Penguins than him, you can be sure of that! 

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Source: Ottawa citizen
Photo Credit: Keystone press agency