Fresh update on Eric Staal's condition.

Many expected him to suffer long term injuries after such impact.

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The season might be over for the Wild already, but fans across the league are still worrying about Eric Staal's status. He rammed hard into the board yesterday after an involuntary tripping by Jake Allen. In case you missed it, here's the replay. 

We knew he was sent to the hospital straight after leaving the ice, but little details were available soon after. With such a violent impact, one could expect damages to the back, neck or shoulders. However, it seems Staal's made tougher than that. 

It's reassuring to know he didn't hurt his back above all. A concussion is no picnic either, but it's not life threatening. Every case is different, but we can expect to see him back on his skates by the beginning of the next season. 

Get well soon Eric!