“Full blown, stick-swinging brawl” erupts during hockey game.

“Full blown, stick-swinging brawl” erupts during hockey game.

A men's recreational league hockey game erupted into a violent brawl this week in Toronto.

Jonathan Larivee

A men's recreational league game has gotten far more attention than any of the players involved could have expected this week, but unfortunately it is for all of the wrong reasons.

In a video released by CTV News, we can see an all-out brawl erupts during a game being played in the somewhat ironically named Adult Safe Hockey League, one that seems to have been extremely dangerous. In the video we can see several players engaged in a melee, which does happen from time to time in the sport of hockey, but what is truly shocking to witness is a number of players using their sticks as weapons.

The stick swings are vicious and are clearly being thrown with intent to injure the opponent, something that Toronto police have since confirmed could lead to serious criminal charges.

Fortunately, and somewhat miraculously, it sounds like no one was seriously injured during the wild brawl and it sounds like the ASHL has acted quickly to punish the offenders. Both teams involved in this brawl have been suspended indefinitely, and a number of players were also permanently banned from participating in any ASHL or Canlan Sports activities in the future.