Full details of the brand new women's pro league

Full details of the brand new women's pro league

The PWHL gets off to a rocky start



A brand new professional women's hockey league the PWHL (Professional Women's Hockey League) launched this morning... kinda.

The PWHL attempted to have its grand reveal today but... well... the league's website crashed. The PWHL literally has one social media post announcing its arrival and directing fans to a now dead link. 

I mean... come ON, ladies.

Early reports indicate that the league's 'Original 6' cities will be Boston, New York, Minneapolis, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal. Of course, we don't know for sure since the league's own damn website doesn't work...

We do, however, know that the PWHL will not be using any of the team names from the former PHF and NWHL. So that means no Boston Pride, New York Riveters, Minnesota Whitecaps, Montreal Force or Toronto Six. Frankly though, aside from the Pride and Riveters those names all stink anyways. There's something to be said though for maintaining some branding with a new venture. 

Starting today players can deem themselves eligible for the PWHL and the league will be holding a free agent draft in the coming months. It's expected that the inaugural season will run January 2024 through June 2024 but that the 2024-25 season will more closely mirror the traditional October - June hockey season.

More from ESPN insider Greg Wyshynski:

The PWHL will feature three teams in the U.S. and three teams in Canada. The American franchises are located in Boston, Minneapolis-St. Paul and the New York City area, which could include Connecticut and New Jersey. The Canadian franchises are located in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario.

Details on home arenas, team names and logos are forthcoming. The PWHL will play its games in a variety of facilities, from NHL-sized rinks to minor and junior league arenas. The league plans to stream each game digitally, but also hopes for linear television coverage.

The 2024 season schedule will be announced in the coming months. It's expected to run from early January through late May or early June. It will include a break for the IIHF Women's World Championship in April. Subsequent seasons are expected to start in November and run through the following May.

Greg Wyshinsky
Source: PWHL