Full lineups for Saturday's clash between Bruins and Habs.

Full lineups for Saturday's clash between Bruins and Habs.

Here is your full lineup for both teams today as they collide in an exhibition game featuring their young prospects.

Jonathan Larivee

The Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens have one of the longest standing rivalries in all of professional sports and, although the regular season is still roughly a month away, they will be renewing that rivalry on Saturday as their prospects face off against one another in an exhibition contest.

We have the full lineups for today's game for you and we will start with the Boston Bruins.


Brett Harrison-John Farinacci-Matt Poitras
Trevor Kuntar-John Beecher-Julien Beland
Ty Halaburda-Georgii Merkulov-Fabian Lysell
Joey Abate-Adam Mechura-Curtis Hall


Frederic Brunet-Ryan Mast
Mason Lohrei-Jackson Edward
Blake Smith-Grayden Siepmann


Samuel St. Hilaire
William Rousseau

And now the Montreal Canadiens lineup:


Xavier Simoneau-Filip Mesar-Emil Heineman
Jared Davidson-Jan Mysak-Joshua Roy
Ty Smilanic-Riley Kidney-Jakov Novak
Isaac Dufort-Cedrick Guindon-Riley McKay


Jayden Struble-Logan Mailloux
Christopher Ortiz-Miguel Tourigny
Stanislav Demin-Noah Laaouan


Quentin Miller
Jan Spunar

Enjoy today's game which you can follow on several of either teams different social media platforms.