Furious Leafs fans turning on Mitch Marner

Leafs fans are letting a key member of their Core 4 have it.



The Toronto Maple Leafs blew a third straight game in which they held the lead last night at the hands of the scorching-hot Edmonton Oilers at Rogers Place, falling 4-2 after having initially led by two goals that included an early strike from Auston Matthews. 

Forward Mitch Marner was rather nonchalant in his postgame comments, reaffirming his belief that the Leafs are a "great" hockey team and that they're playing "awesome" hockey despite the losing skid. 

"We're a great hockey team," he said. "And we gotta ignore what everyone else says. We know we're a great hockey team. We show up every night. I mean, this last four games that we've had leads, we've played some awesome hockey, some great hockey."

"Stuff goes your way," he continued. "Sometimes stuff doesn't. So, for us, we just can't get frustrated at each other. We know we're doing the right things. It's going to come, so stay patient with it. Don't let anything outside of us frustrate us or get us angry. Like, just gotta do what we do."

His comments did not sit well with the frustrated Leafs fan base, many of whom immediately called for him to be demoted to outright traded.

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Source: Twitter