Gabriel Landeskog drops the gloves with Dennis Gilbert.

Avalanche captain drops the gloves.

Gabriel Landeskog drops the gloves with Dennis Gilbert.

Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. 

On Saturday night Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog did exactly that when he took exception to a hit he had received earlier in the game. Landeskog and his Avalanche were facing off against the Chicago Blackhawks over the weekend and although neither team is known for a particularly physical style of play this one got very physical indeed over the duration of the game. We saw some big hits throughout the contest including this one from veteran defenseman Duncan Keith in the second period which is about as pretty a hit as you're going to get.

Things really got heated though roughly midway through the games second period though, just slightly prior to the aforementioned hit from Keith, when Landeskog decided he was going to drop the gloves with Chicago's Dennis Gilbert due to another hit that had rubbed Landeskog the wrong way. This turned out to be one hell of a tilt as well with both men throwing heavy bombs in this one, and both men appearing as though they had some seriously bad intentions behind some of those blows. 

The exchange was very back and forth and both men clearly landed some significant shots on one another. It was hard to tell how much damage Landeskog did to Gilbert as we did not get a very good close up of Gilbert's face following the battle between the two men, but Landeskog appeared to be sporting a new bruise on his cheek when the camera showed him in the penalty box, so Gilbert definitely landed at least one good shot on the Avalanche captain. All in all this turned out to be one of the better scraps that we have seen during the 2019 - 2020 National Hockey League regular season and the fact that it featured such a contrast in players likely helped that.

At the end of the day though taking Landeskog off the ice for 5 minutes in exchange for Gilbert is a trade the Blackhawks will take all day and they did eventually triumph in this one, beating the Avalanche by a score of 5 - 3 when it was all said and done.