Galchenyuk given a rude wake-up call from Julien!

Is this the kick in the butt the star forward needs to finally get serious?

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Alex Galchenyuk’s struggles this pre-season are well-documented. He looked particularly bad in the opener against the Boston Bruins in Quebec City last week. He has still yet to find his game, and Julien finally seems to have had enough.

The Montreal Canadiens’ third overall pick in 2012 is lined up to the left of Patrick Holland with Nikita Scherbak on the right for tonight’s matchup against the Florida Panthers. Holland and Scherbak are likely starting with the Laval Rocket, so this is quite the demotion for Galchenyuk.

The American forward hasn’t been able to establish himself as a key player on this team since succumbing to injury back in December 2016. His rhythm and decision-making have been off, and it appears that the coaching staff has had enough.

Is this the last straw? Or can he take his game back to the level that made him a top 10 forward last season?