Garey Bettman appears to tell veteran goaltender to 'shut up,' after complaints.

I can't believe he said this.

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It's important to note here that National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman never addressed the player directly, or at least if he did no one is saying so, but it certainly seems these comments were directed at Boston Bruins veteran goaltender Tuuka Rask.

So a brief recap for those of you out of the loop, earlier today Rask made some comments regarding three on three overtime during the regular season, and there was no mistaking the fact that he was not the least bit happy with the rule change.

“I mean, I’ve had it with these 3-on-3 overtimes,” Rask said as per NESN. “It’s just scoring chance after scoring chance. But, you just try to win the games, right? I was hoping (the Bruins) would score a quick goal like last game (against the Tampa Bay Lightning), but it didn’t happen.”

So following these comments, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, who just so happens to be in Boston today, was asked to share his feelings on the comments from Rask and the response from Bettman was almost surreal.

"Shut up. Don't complain," said Bettman according to NESN's Nicholas Goss. "Why would you demean your own product?"

Goss has since pulled down the tweet that reported the comments, and offered up a very lame excuse for doing so claiming, some people were talking the comments out of context. I'll be blunt, there is no way those comments can be interpreted as some kind of joke, you don't make a comment like that and follow it up with "Why would you demean your own product," if the original spirit of the comments was a joke.

I'm not sure why Goss pulled down the tweet, but something tells me he may have been asked to do so, although to be clear this is just me speculating.