Gary Bettman finally speaks on 2018 World Juniors incident and reveals shocking details on investigation!

Gary Bettman finally speaks on 2018 World Juniors incident and reveals shocking details on investigation!

This is just crazy for the league commissioner to say this!



Reporters were going to get much out of him, but NHL commissioner Gary Bettman finally said something about the 2018 World Juniors investigation and charges filed against players of his league. Dillon Dube, Cal Foote, Alex Formenton, Carter Hart and Michael McLeod are each charged with one count of sexual assault. The latter, a forward for the New Jersey Devils, is also facing an additional charge of sexual assault for “being a party to the offence.” The accused players have all been allowed to go on indefinite leave from their respective clubs.

This is in relation to a woman, identified only as E.M., who sued Hockey Canada in 2022, alleging she was sexually assaulted by eight members of Canada’s world junior team after a fundraising gala in London in 2018.

At the All-Star press conference on Friday, Bettman was asked about the alleged actions of members of the 2018 Canadian world junior team and he used the words “abhorrent” and “reprehensible” to describe his sentiments.

However, the commissioner, as expected, reiterates the league had its own investigation, which took 12 months to complete, and had been working with the NHLPA on how to proceed when news broke out that London police had asked the five suspects to surrender to authorities and then, charges were filed. Bettman added that the league wasn’t made aware ahead of time, and put an end to the questions about the situation, saying it’s not prudent to comment further on it.

“We had heard similar rumours before, none of which had come to fruition. We did not have advance notice… we have not received official confirmation from the London authorities that five players have been or will be indicted, although it appears from reports that there will be as such… it would be inappropriate to provide further comments on the matter.”

Bettman however admitted that the alleged victim, identified as E.M., did not participate in the league's investigation. It is shocking that the league might not have looked to get in touch or interview the alleged victim. This is only acceptable if her lawyers or if the London police didn’t want her to take part so that it wouldn’t infrige on their investigation.
But Bettman didn’t really make it sound that way…

Bettman also stated that the appropriate path for the league at this time is to wait until the judicial process is complete before taking any action.

Isn’t it what we all knew Bettman was going to say? Nothing about the league’s own investigation or possible suspensions moving forward. Though he did say: “I would be surprised if they were playing while this was pending.” However, he did admit that the players are currently away from their teams, have not been suspended without pay. Therefore, they all continue to count against the salary cap.

Players allegedly involved and charged in this incident have made some statements about their innocence. More will be revealed during Monday’s press conference by the London police and what is expected to come next.

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