Gary Bettman offers dumb answer to reports of anonymous stories from inside the NHL bubble

​Say what?!

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Last month, ESPN’s Emily Kaplan and Greg Wyshynski released an incredibly fascinating article in which they revealed the true feelings about the NHL’s bubble experiment from nine anonymous NHLers. They shared details on partying at the ‘club’ in Toronto, eating gummies and edibles, room service, sex, and if the NHL had delivered on those special excursions that were advertised.

While it was an entertaining read and raised a lot of questions surrounding the preparation and success of the NHL’s Return to play Plan, it also got a lot of people talking. 

On Friday, it was NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s turn to address the article and the anonymous stories from inside the NHL bubble, and well, he gave a lazy and dumb answer to try and explain what might have taken place instead. He refuses to believe that some players would prefer to stay anonymous to complain about some of his decisions and that because they refused to get their names out, they don’t exist. 

He went on to attack both Kaplan and Wyshynski, which has been heavily criticized by other insiders, agents and players even since Bettman gave his ridiculous answer on the air of Vancouver’s TSN 1040. 

This has gotten a lot of people talking, and we hope that Bettman regrets his dumb answer… Does he think we’re dumb and lazy?!