Gary Bettman reveals most confusing rules for 2020 Draft lottery!

What the heck does this mean?!

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While it looks like the Draft lottery could take place in the coming month, nothing has yet to be made official by the National Hockey League.

However, reports now show that we know which teams will be eligible for the draft lottery, in order to end up with the first overall pick.

It is believed that the 2020 Draft lottery will include the seven teams that didn’t qualify for the 24-team playoff tournament, plus the eight teams eliminated in the qualifying round.

However, when NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announced the rules, it got very confusing! 

The lottery will be on Friday, June 26 and the Nos. 1, 2 and 3 picks will be up for grabs. Fifteen teams — the seven who are no longer playing plus eight more currently identified teams will be in the lottery. The lottery odds will remain the same as prior years.

However, thanks to NHL insider Bob McKenzie of TSN, we can understand a little more clearly. “Same odds as past years. Nothing changes for bottom 7 teams. The eight mystery teams are the losers of play-in series. They’ll get a shot at the Top 3 picks but failing that, points percentage used for picks 4-15.”

The draft itself will take place after the playoffs are complete.

Let’s just say the commissioner wasn’t as clear when he read the rules. Now, do you get it?