Gary Bettman takes brutal shot at Leafs and their fans!

​That’s gotta hurt coming from this man’s mouth…

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On Friday, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman attended the Legacy Lunch in Regina, Saskatchewan ahead of his press conference for the Heritage Classic Event. While he did appreciate the fact that he got a (rare) standing ovation when he was presented, it did not stop him from making fans angry with him. 

As he was asked about the current playoff format, Bettman confirmed that it would keep the same for seasons to come. However, he couldn’t help himself and took a brutal shot at the Toronto Maple Leafs and their fanbase. 

“We think the format we have works extremely well … unless you’re a Leafs fan.”

As you know for the last two postseasons now, the Maple Leafs have faced the Boston Bruins in the first rounds and have lost in seven games on both occasions. 

To make matters worse earlier this season, NHL 20 of EaSports revealed onthe winner of their annual simulation, predicting the Bruins will be the 2019-20 Stanley Cup champions. It is believed that the Bruins will ONCE AGAIN defeat the Maple Leafs in the first round to move on in the postseason.

Bettman just couldn’t help himself…