Gary Galley appears to drop a massive F-bomb on Hockey Night in Canada.

Someone is getting in trouble for this.

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This is certainly one way to land in hot water with your employer. 

Fans who tuned in early for the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast on Saturday night were in for one heck of a surprise, and hopefully there weren't too many young children watching. It is not entirely clear what happened as we only got the audio of the incident, however almost immediately following the playing of the Canadian national anthem we could hear a man that sounded suspiciously like Gary Galley dropping a massive F-bomb on the broadcast. It went a little something like this:

"Whoa whoa whoa.... f***!"

It seems as though the man who dropped the f bomb was suddenly caught off guard by something, perhaps a spill in the broadcast booth or something of that nature, or perhaps it was simply that he was not expecting the broadcast to cut back to him so quickly following the playing of the anthem. There was no mistaking the f-bomb that went out over the air however and unfortunately for the people working on the broadcast it appears as though there was not enough of a delay to censor the faux pas in time before it went out across the air to hundreds of thousands of hockey fans in Canada.