General manager Ron Hextall addresses the controversy around his team.

Hextall responds after calls for his coach to be fired.

General manager Ron Hextall addresses the controversy around his team.

After calls from the Philadelphia Flyers' fan base for Flyers head coach Dave Hakstol to be fired, the Flyers lost their ninth straight game on Tuesday night, resulting in the team having a closed door meeting following the loss. 

According to multiple reports no one was allowed inside the room, including a number of Flyers' employees, and that led to even more rumors that Hakstol could be on the verge of losing his job. General manager Ron Hextall however is now attempting to shut those rumors down. 

Hextall came to the defense of his head coach on Tuesday night when he publicly addressed the media. While Hextall made it clear that nine consecutive losses is "not acceptable," he did also add that he didn't feel the Flyers were a bad team.

"I'm pretty good with how the team has played, I'm pretty good on how they've played over the last 9 games." said Hextall.

"If we were playing poorly, I'd be the first person to say that." he added. "Are we shooting ourselves in the foot sometimes, yes. We're not looking for excuses here."

Hextall could merely be playing coy in front of the cameras, but he seemed genuine in his assessment of how he feels the team has played, and to be fair there is some validity to his comments. It sounds like fans in Philadelphia may have to wait a little longer if they want Hakstol's head served to them on a silver platter.