Georges Laraque guarantees a winner in Game 2 between the Oilers and Golden Knights.

Georges Laraque guarantees a winner in Game 2 between the Oilers and Golden Knights.

The former National Hockey League enforcer is so confident he's invoking Mark Messier for his prediction tonight!

Jonathan Larivee

On Saturday night, fans of the National Hockey League will be treated to the second game between the Edmonton Oilers and the Las Vegas Golden Knights in their second round Stanley Cup playoff series.

The first game between these two was a high scoring affair that saw the Golden Knights claim an early series lead, dispatching the Oilers by a score of 6-4 in Game 1, and tonight the Oilers will hope to tie things up at one game a piece. They certainly have a contingent of fans that believe they can get the job done, and in fact one of their former players has now come out and put a great deal of pressure on the team to do just that.

In spite of the fact that it has been many years since he last wore an Oilers uniform, on Saturday former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque issued a Mark Messier-like guarantee ahead of Game 2. In fact Laraque even went so far as to invoke the legendary NHL captain when making his rather bold proclamation on social media.

"Don't worry Oilers fans, tonight I guarantee the win against the Golden Knights!" wrote Laraque on his Twitter. "Kinda like Mark Messier said we will win game 6, well we will win game 2! GUARAAANTEEE!"

Messier of course played for the Rangers at the time of his bold prediction whereas Laraque hasn't worn an Oilers jersey since he last played for the team during the 2005-06 season. It's great of Laraque to show support for one of his former teams, but I'm not entirely sure the Oilers themselves appreciate the added pressure. Not to mention this could now also serve as bulletin board material for the Golden Knights who will no doubt catch wind of this 'guarantee.'