Gerard Gallant sends a poorly veiled threat to the Carolina Hurricanes.

The Rangers are not happy.

Jonathan Larivee

The New York Rangers and the Carolina Hurricanes have now completed 3 of a possible 7 games in their second round series in the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs, and I think it is now safe to say that the bad blood between these two teams is starting to show.

The Rangers made this a series by picking up their first win on Sunday but in spite of their victory there was a clear feeling of discontent among the Rangers following their win over the Hurricanes. That's because following the conclusion of the game there were a number of extracurricular activities that took place, most notably those involving Carolina Hurricanes forward Max Domi and Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Tony DeAngelo.

In the case of Domi, he would take a shot at Rangers defenseman Ryan Lindgren after the final buzzer had already sounded. Domi's actions would result in a scrum at the end of the game, one that has very much set the tone for Game 4 and perhaps the rest of the series.

Rangers head coach Gerard Gallant would respond to the antics from Domi following the game with what I viewed as a pretty clear threat on Gallant's part. A threat that was backed up with the muscle of Rangers enforcer Ryan Reaves despite the fact that Reaves was not mentioned by name.

"The game's over you know?" asked Gallant following the antics in Game 3. "We still got 4 games to go with those guys, I mean they're not sending any message. We've got the guy that can handle all their guys if we want to and we didn't do it like that, but Domi took a cheap shot at our defenseman."

"You've got a long memory in these things and like I said, it might be on the other foot someday," said Gallant in a poorly veiled threat to the Carolina Hurricanes.

Gallant himself got involved in the post game antics when he appeared to get into a shouting match with Tony DeAngelo following the game. It was unclear what was being said by either man, but you can clearly make out some of the more colorful words coming from Gallant's mouth.

As I've said the end of this game has set the tone for Game 4, and perhaps Gallant has as well by bringing the threat of retaliation from Reaves to bear.