German player suspended for firing the puck at the ref's face!

This is crazy! Throw the book at this guy.

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In case you missed it this past weekend, German league player Thomas Larkin found himself at the center of controversy when he appeared to intentionally fire a puck at an on-ice official who called him offside.

Check it out:

Now, the league’s Disciplinary Committee is handing out a nine game suspension to Larkin. The referee is still reportedly out of action and has suffered a facial injury as a result of the play by Larkin. For what it’s worth, Larkin has apologized and will not appeal his suspension.

In other “shooting the puck where you’re not supposed to shoot the puck” news, check out this story below:

The minor-league hockey circuit across the United States has provided fans with some of the most ridiculous moments in professional sports for decades now. If you’ve ever watched the Paul Newman classic “Slap Shot” you know exactly what kind of lunacy I’m talking about. 

From ridiculous team names (Swamp Rabbits, Solar Bears, Nailers, Everblades, Fire Antz) to insane promotional events, minor league hockey takes the cake compared to other minor league sports. Need more proof? 

Check out Brody Duncan from the Mentor Ice Breakers intentionally RIFLING a slap shot into the Carolina Thunderbirds’ bench:

Players from the Thunderbirds pour off the bench to get at Duncan and, rightfully so, they lay a beat down on his sorry ass. This is some serious Bush League BS. Even worse, the Federal Prospects Hockey League has worked hard to rid themselves of their Bush League image.

This kid of stuff has NO PLACE in hockey. It’s an absolutely despicable, gutless move and honestly… I wouldn’t be surprised if Duncan ends up receiving criminal charges against him for this blatant attempt to injure. 

One thing’s for sure, the next game between these two clubs should feature some fireworks.