Glitch emerges in Hornqvist trade!

Uh oh : hold your horses!

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The Pittsburgh Penguins might be forced to cancel the trade that took place less than an hour ago when Kevin Weekes of the NHL network reported that forward Patric Hornqvist had been moved to the Florida Panthers in return for defenseman Mike Matheson.

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman is now reporting that there appears to be a glitch in the transaction, which really was in process, but now needs to be ironed out before it is made official. Pierre LeBrun of TSN also noted something was off in the deal. 

When the news emerged that Hornqvist was traded to Florida, fans in Pittsburgh were devastated to be losing one of their favourite players on the roster. Hornqvist has played 407 regular season games with the Pittsburgh Penguins, scoring 264 points along the way. He is a beloved player in the Burgh and we can only imagine that this move will hurt the fanbase. He is a ball of intense energy and grit, and there is no doubt he will be missed.

However, Hornqvist does hold a no-trade clause in his contract, and becomes the ultimate decider in this move. This could be why there is an issue with the trade. 

We are awaiting to see what comes next.