GM believes the enitre NHL is waiting for one one team to make a decision on a player.

The League is 'paralyzed' as they wait for a trade.

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One NHL general manager has reportedly told TSN hockey insider Darren Dreger that the entire league is paralyzed as they wait for one team to make a tough decision on the future of their roster.

Dreger was a guest on TSN's 1290 Radio and revealed the information he was given.

“Well, I mean I had one general manager tell me today that the league is somewhat paralyzed – which I think is an exaggeration, but this is how it was described to me – waiting for the Winnipeg Jets to make a decision," said Dreger as per Nichols on Hockey. "Are they going to be able to sign both Byfuglien and Ladd, or is one of those players – speculation persists that it’s Andrew Ladd – going to hit the market."

This means two things, there is significant interest in both Dustin Byfuglien and Andrew Ladd, and several teams believe they can get the deal done. There's also some belief the Jets still don't really know who they will deal, and the offers they receive may impact that decision.

“What I reported on Insider Trading last night is accurate. The Winnipeg Jets haven’t made that determination yet. There is a possibility that they’re able to sign both of those guys and keep the team intact. But they haven’t formally decided whether they can do that, or whether or not Ladd or someone else is going to hit the market.

“As of last night, there was no one on the market from Winnipeg’s perspective, as they continue to push forward. But the league is waiting for that final decision."

All eyes on on Winnipeg