GM meeting: Swedish officials want to repatriate their players.

You don't mess with the Swedish Federation

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Swedish Officials Want to Repatriate Their Players

In today’s general managers meeting, the Swedish official had a clear message to send to the NHL. They want to repatriate all their prospect players (those who are playing in the AHL) back to Sweden according to TSN insider Pierre LeBrun.

In short but clear tweet, LeBrun reported what the Swedish officials wanted to bring to the table “Swedish officials had a polite but clear message for GMs today:leave their young players in Sweden to develop. They don’t want them in AHL.”

According to LeBrun, there are as many as 50 Swedish players around the AHL. Buffalo Sabres GM Tim Murray does not agree with the Swedish officials statement in a contradicting comment, “We consider the AHL the best development league ‘said Murray.