GM Mike Grier blasts Sharks for awful start in team meeting
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GM Mike Grier blasts Sharks for awful start in team meeting

Excerpts from a very one-sided conversation



I don't know if you know this but... the San Jose Sharks are bad. Like really, really, REALLY bad.

The Sharks are off to their worst start in franchise history and are on track to have the worst record in NHL history. They're still winless 11 games into the season with a 0-10-1 record and they were recently outscored 20-3 in back to back games. Allowing 10 goals against per game is obviously an awful stat, but what's more troubling to me about the Sharks is their utter lack of care or response. Bad teams have been blown out before, but at a certain point you expect some pushback. With the Sharks though, the pushback just isn't there and GM Mike Grier has seen enough.

In a tense one-sided conversation with his team earlier today, the rookie GM informed his players that if things don't change, then he'll be making further drastic changes to his roster.

From Sharks insider Curtis Pashelka of The Mercury News:

“I just felt they needed to hear from me and what I’m seeing and what I expect from them,” Grier said. “To let them know what’s happening was not acceptable from my end. There are certain things I won’t tolerate and some of that stuff has been happening, and I kind of let them know that. We’ll kind of go from there.”

“If I don’t see what I want to see, we’ll be evaluating everything and looking at everything. I mean, this can’t go on for much longer,” Grier said Monday in a 45-minute sit-down interview with reporters. “The fans deserve more. The owner has been supportive and backing me and the team forever. (It deserves) to be better for everyone.

“If the response isn’t there and I’m not seeing what I need to see then everything will be evaluated, and I’m sure there’ll be some changes made.”

“The games have been too easy for Vancouver and (Pittsburgh) here,” Grier said. “It’s just been too easy to come into our building and play. Guys zipping pucks around and the other team thinking it’s point night when they’re in here. That’s kind of the stuff that to me, is not acceptable.

“So, it’s more compete, more pushback, and playing within the structure better. We can’t be giving up the chances we’re giving up. Those are probably the three main things I would say I look for in the next little while and hopefully, it improves.”

Grier would go on to state to Pashelka that head coach David Quinn's job is not in jeopardy... yet. He believes that Quinn's message is still getting through to the players and now it's on the players to act. Put up or shut up time, boys. Now or never.

Source: Curtis Pashelka