Goal is challenged, overturned, and becomes a penalty shot!

Crazy turn of events in Detroit!

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The Detroit Red Wings and Tampa Bay Lightning were witnessed to a strange series of events on Monday night, but this is one time we think the National Hockey League officials may have gotten things exactly right. 

It initially appeared that the Red Wings had scored a goal, however Lightning head coach John Cooper challenged that goal on the basis that Red Wings forward Justin Abdelkader had interfered with Lightning goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy.

After a lengthy review the officials agreed with Cooper and awarded him his challenge, however as a result of that successful challenge the hooking penalty that was called on the sequence of events was now in play.

That led to what was at first a call for a two minute minor, however after another consultation the officials determined that the hook prevented Abdelkader from firing his shot on the breakaway, which it did in fact appear to do, and Abdelkader was awarded a penalty shot. 

You can watch what happened next.