Goalie accused of stealing new teammate’s number?

Competition in the lineup?

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Artist David Gunnarson has released a preview of the new mask of Jonathan Bernier, who sign with the Colorado Avalanche over the summer.

However, Mile High Hockey has pointed out something quite interesting. Is Bernier going around Mark Barberio’s back to get No. 45? Which number will the defenseman wear next season? 

Bernier wore No. 1 last season with the Anaheim Ducks. The number 45 is one that he core with the Los Angeles Kings and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Most fans assumed he would keep No. 1. 

Barberio started with it with the Montreal Canadiens and continued to wear No. 45 after being acquired by the Avs last season. 

According to the pictures and video of the design, Bernier has taken it. 

The only other number that Barberio has worn in the National Hockey League is 8, but Joe Colborne has it with the Avalanche. 

We’ll see what he chooses, he still has a few weeks before puck drop.