Goalie beats down player in the KHL!

Goalie beats down player in the KHL!

Goaltender Mikhail Berdin was furious with forward Devin Brosseau and pummeled him into submission.

Jonathan Larivee

You don't see this every day in the sport of hockey.

Over the weekend, former Winnipeg Jets draft pick Mikhail Berdin stole the show when he decided to exact some revenge on a player that had bulldozed him over in his own net. Berdin, who is currently playing for the Kontinental Hockey League's Sochi HC, was furious after Kunlun Red Stars' Devin Brosseau ran over him after a scoring opportunity in front of the net.

After the collision both men ended up off to the side of the net and Berdin used the opportunity to go after Brosseau behind the play. Brosseau was either caught off guard or he wanted no part of Berdin as he quickly began to turtle when it became obvious that the enraged goaltender was looking for a fight.

In spite of Brosseau providing virtually no resistance to the barrage of blows, Berdin landed two more shots on Brosseau after he put himself in the turtle position down on the ice. In fact it looked like Berdin wanted to deliver even more punishment, but restrained himself from doing so once the officials intervened.