Goalie fight breaks out in the ECHL!

Goalie fight breaks out in the ECHL!

We have a goalie fight to bring in the new year courtesy of the ECHL on Saturday night!

Jonathan Larivee

These boys were not feeling the holiday spirit on Saturday night.

A showdown between the Indy Fuel and the Fort Wayne Komets of the ECHL turned violent on Saturday night, so much so that it would result in a goalie fight on the ice.

The two goalies involved in this one are 26 year old Zach Driscoll of the Indy Fuel and and 21 year old Brett Brochu of the Fort Wayne Komets and full credit to both men who gave it their all despite the heavy burden of their equipment, with both guys looking gassed by the time the officials broke them up.

This fight was more awkward than anything with the equipment limiting the men to clumsy clubbing blows, none of which appeared to connect with a great deal of force. Nonetheless it was an incredibly entertaining affair and produced quite the roar from the fans in attendance.

Here's a look at it courtesy of the ECHL:

Here's another angle from the crowd:

Yet another angle from the crowd: