Goalie gets angry and starts a bench clearing brawl!

Goalie loses it and causes both benches to clear.

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We will be honest we aren't sure what the context is here as all the initial reports coming out on this story are in Mandarin, but obviously from the video you can surmise a little bit of what happened.

A hockey game taking placei n Beijing appeared to end in a bench clearing brawl after the goalie who gave up the winning goal appeared to become enraged as he watched the players from the opposing team celebrate.

First you can see the goalie attempt to shoot the puck at the player in question before then resorting to outright physical violence causing both benches to clear and resulting in a number of tiny skirmishes.

Hockey has been on the rise in China with the KHL even setting up a team there and it seems like they've gotten a good grasp on the finer aspects of fighting in hockey.