Goalie goes full psycho in handshake line, takes off opponent’s head

WTF bro!? This is CRAZY!

Goalie goes full psycho in handshake line, takes off opponent’s head

The handshake line is one of the most time honoured traditions in hockey.

You can drop the gloves with your opponent, bash their brains in, but at the end of the day we all shake hands and leave it all on the ice. Right? Well… not always.

Check out this clip in which a beer league goalie goes absolutely PSYCHO and takes the head clean off his opposing goalie:


Holy f***, dude!

Wait… who’s the bigger psycho here? The goalie who throws the punch or the one who seems to not react AT ALL.

Bizarre stuff here.

Incredibly enough, this isn’t the first clip we’ve seen of a goalie GOING OFF in the handshake line.

Check it out:


W… T… F***!

What on EARTH is going on in this clip?! 

At first glance this looks to be a beer league game, but look closer and it actually looks more like a minor hockey game… meaning these are teenagers. What gives it away? First of all the name bars on the backs of the jerseys. Also, look at the amount of coaches on the ice, you won’t find that many volunteers on a beer league squad. Factor in the size difference between the goaltender and the player he’s absolutely crushing and… well it all just looks like minor hockey to me.

In any case, WTF happened to initiate all of this!? And why is no one from the orange team losing their shit!?!? 

So many questions…