Goalie Mikhail Berdin pummels forward Devin Brosseau in unexpected fight!

You don’t see fights like this every day!



Do not mess with a goalie. The KHL shared a video of Sochi HC netminder Mikhail Berdin pummelling forward Devin Brosseau of the Kunlun Red Star during the first period of a game between the two teams.

The video shows Berdin clobbering Brousseau in the corner of the rink as it appears clear that the goalie has had enough! Just prior to the altercation that lead to this fight, Brosseau had collided and taken out the goalie and it seems like this is what provoked Berdin to lose his mind.

The goalie had no mercy for the Red Star forward, who had no time to defend himself as he took on many punches for the goaltender while he attempted to protect himself as best he could.

Four hard shots from Berdin connected with poor Brosseau. Check the sequence here below, one that even the KHL dubs a fight you don’t see every day.

The fight wasn’t even close!

Brosseau was given two minutes for interference and a five-minute fighting major, while Berdin was hit with a two-minute instigator penalty, a five-minute fighting major and a 10-minute misconduct.

Berdin, who is just 25 years old, has 3.14 goals against average and a .914 save percentage in 40 games for Sochi in their subpar season. He is well-known in Canada for being a former Winnipeg Jets goaltending prospect. 

Brosseau has had more success this season on the ice. He is one of Kunlun Red Star’s best scorers with 20 goals in 58 games, and has a total of 58 points.

While he may be on top offensively this year, he certainly did not come out on top in this fight against Berdin, a goalie!

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Source: KHL on X