Goalie sets new record with an insane 98 save performance.

That many shots has got to hurt!

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A high school goaltender is believed to have established a new record after a mind-blowing performance.

Despite the fact that he allowed twelve goals in the game, high school goaltender Troy Bruns made an unbelievable 98 saves on his way to a 0-12 loss, and that 98 saves is believed to be good enough for both a state and a national record. Bruns has reportedly been having monster save numbers during his entire high school career.

From the Star Tribune:

Morris/Benson senior goaltender Tony Bruns is so accustomed to facing insanely high numbers of shots each game that he brushes aside mass amounts of flying pucks as effortlessly as a northwoods outdoorsman swats mosquitoes.

In his four seasons as a starter for the Storm, Bruns routinely has made 40, 50, 60 and even 70-plus stops in a single game. So he didn’t even entertain the notion he was in the midst of what is believed to be a state- and national-record performance on Saturday in a season-opening 12-0 loss to Litchfield/Dassel-Cokato.

As for Burns he says he had no idea he was in the middle of a record setting performance during the game.

“I was a little surprised,” Bruns said. “My whole career I’ve had a lot of shots, but never that many. I thought it was just like any other game.”

The young goalie did however admit that he was a little more sore than normal, and it's not hard to imagine the truth of that statement after being pelted by 110 shots.