Goalie snaps and tries to fight an entire team after giving up 7 goals.

Almost certainly a suspension coming here.

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It seems this goaltender was not very happy with his performance, after when you look at the stats you're probably going to find yourself agreeing that his performance was pretty poor. 

On Sunday the Texas Stars were facing off against the San Antonio Rampage in the American Hockey League and unfortunately for the Rampage it was a game that turned very ugly for them rather quickly. The Stars largely embarrassed the Rampage in front of their home crowd at the AT&T Center, lighting them up for 3 goals in the first period with the Rampage only managing to answer with just a single goal. Things got even worse for the Rampage in the second period when the Stars went off for 4 goals with the Rampage again only managing a single goal in response, and it was at that point that hell broke loose. 

The goalie that was in the net for the Rampage was 25 year old St. Louis Blues prospect Jordan Binnington and it would be a colossal understatement to say that he did not handle the situation very well at all. The former 3rd round pick ( 88th overall ) in the 2011 NHL Entrry Draft seemed to completely snap after the 7th goal from the Stars and instead of taking his frustration out on his posts or himself he instead attacked an opposing player in inexcusable fashion.

Binnington came charging out of his net with bad intentions and made a straight line for Stars forward  Joel L'Esperance. Binnington then delivered what can only be describe as a Hextallian two handed chop to the leg of  L'Esperance, an undrafted prospect, causing everyone on both sides of the ice to rush each other in anger. In spite of the fact that he had clearly crossed the line there was seemingly no remorse in the moment for Binnington as he continued to engage in the brief brawl, throwing punches at opposing players and just getting involved overall in every aspect of the melee. 

After that was done Binnington looked to the Stars bench as if he wanted to fight every player on the Stars roster, but the officials wisely restrained him before ejecting him from the game. I doubt he will be looking back on this memory very fondly in the future.