Goaltender Joonas Korpisalo injured in the shootout after a deke from Jonathan Toews.

Toews breaks Korpisalo.

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This is not how you wanted to close out the game this evening if you are the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The Blue Jackets faced off against the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday night and after 60 minutes of play the two teams were unable to secure the victory so we headed to overtime and then eventually a shootout. Now normally you would expect this situation to heavily favor the Columbus Blue Jackets due to the fact that it was goaltender Robin Lehner in between the pipes this evening for the Chicago Blackhawks. Lehner has proven himself to be an excellent goaltender, especially over the course of his past 2 seasons in the National Hockey League, but he has also proven to have a major weakness in his game, the shootout. Lehner's track record in the shootout has been abysmal and he was facing a pretty tough customer this evening in the form of Joonas Korpisalo.

Unfortunately for the Blue Jackets however Korpisalo would not remain in the net for very long. The Blue Jackets starting netminder was facing Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews in the shootout when something appeared to go terribly wrong for him. Toews put on a pretty nice move that clearly fooled Korpisalo but it was when the Jackets netminder got back up that there appeared to be a problem. Korpisalo appeared to twitch just barely as he got to his feet and then suddenly he was clutching at his right leg as if it had somehow betrayed him. Although it initially seemed like something he would shake off it became clear that he was feeling the ill effects of whatever injury he has suffered.

I suppose the good news here is that Korpisalo was able to get off the ice under his own power, however things looks even worse when he got to the bench. The Blue Jackets goalie signaled to the trainers that he was in pain and before they could even make it down the hall and into the locker room it looked as though Korpisalo could no longer put weight on the leg at all. The trainer had to carry him with his arm draped over his shoulders, back into the Blue Jackets locker room where Korpisalo likely underwent some tests.

Robin Lehner was finally able to win a shootout as a result of this, but I doubt this is the way he would have wanted it to happen.