Goaltender says team had a better player than Ovechkin on their roster!

And they decided to let him go!

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In an interview with The Score, former Washington Capitals goaltender Olaf Kolzig, answered many questions on his NHL career.

One of those questions was who do you think was the most underestimated player of his era?

His answer? Alexander Semin.

To him, the guy was better than Alex Ovechkin but didn't have the work ethic or the drive that Ovi has always had. Talentwise, though, he was way up there.

''The guy was considered a great player, but I don't think people realize how good he was. I think legitimately he was more talented than (Alex Ovechkin). He had a snap shot ... the way he changed the angle, it was heavy. He was a very hard player to stop.
Unfortunately, I don't think he had the drive or the motivation that Ovie had. As a result, people didn't get to see the true Alex Semin.''

That might partially explain why at age 33 he is now playing in the KHL.